Todoman is a simple, standards-based, cli todo (aka: task) manager. Todos are stored into icalendar files, which means you can sync them via CalDAV using, for example, vdirsyncer.

Todoman is now part of the pimutils project, and is hosted at GitHub.


  • Listing, editing and creating todos.

  • Todos are read from individual ics files from the configured directory. This matches the vdir specification.

  • There’s support for the most common TODO features for now (summary, description, location, due date and priority).

  • Runs on any Unix-like OS. It’s been tested on GNU/Linux, BSD and macOS.

  • Unsupported fields may not be shown but are never deleted or altered.


See Contributing for details on contributing.


Support for the percent-completed attribute is incomplete. Todoman can only mark todos as completed (100%), and will not reflect nor allow editing for values for percent > 0 ^ percent < 100.

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